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What does cancellation policy mean?

You reservation confirmation also includes hotel's cancellation policy. Cancellation policies usually refer to the period of time in which you have to inform the hotel in case of cancellation of your reservation; you need to keep this deadline to avoid paying cancellation fees.

Cancel reservation

For cancellations 14 days before the arrival day you will not be charged with any fees; you will be refunded with the full amount. For cancellations made on the 14th day before the arrival and after this deadline, you will be charged with the fee corresponding to three nights while the rest of the amount is immediately refunded. In case of check out before the departure date, you will be charged with half of the amount corresponding to the rest of your scheduled stay.

Change reservation

We are happy to change your reservation as long as there is availability; please contact the hotel's administration.

Can I make a reservation without a credit card;

Unfortunately. The hotel requires the use of a credit card to make a reservation.


To cancel your reservation, go to the main menu and click Reservation - My reservation.
You may simply digit your reservation code and the email you used to make the reservation; you will be redirected to the confirmation page.
Refunds are made through the debit/credit card you provided to make the reservation. Refunds are made according to the terms and conditions of the hotel's cancellation policy.

What happens if I don't cancel and there is no arrival at the hotel?

If the customer has not cancelled the reservation during the cancellation period, he/she will be charged with the whole amount of the reservation.

Accepted credit cards

Visa, Mastercard


Check in at 14:00
Check out by 12:00


Pets are not allowed

About secure payment

All actions within website relevant to registration and submission of personal data (including credit cards detail) are made in a perfectly safe environment.
Erase electronic transactions:
Payments through debit/credit cards pass through EUROBANK; a bank institution handling all payment settlements. Note that does not collect or store in any way your card's details. The transactions is made electronically, through the EUROBANK's secure payment system (proxy pay). For the payment procedure through debit/credit card, the customer is automatically transferred to a secure server; to Eurobank's ProxyPay Secure Payment Online system. The client's data (credit card details) are electronically transferred to Eurobank's ProxyPay Secure Payment Online and their transfer back from the bank to VISA or MasterCard encrypted in SSL 128-bit.
Your credit card's data is not stored; they are used only to control and charge it. Your transactions through the hotel's website,, are secure. uses 256bit SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) for secure online transactions. Your personal details such as credit card number, name and address will be processed encrypted; your data shall not be intercepted or modified over the internet transfer. The SSL certificate for is issued by Geotrust.
The SSL protocol is the international standard for online security through websites, for internet users as well as for the encryption of data between internet users and servers web. The encrypted communication SSL requires all the data sent between client and server to be encrypted by the client's software and decrypted by the server, thus protecting personal data over internet transfer. Moreover, all info sent through SSL protocol are protected through a mechanism which identifies possible modifications over the transfer procedure.