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The village of Kolimpia is located in the east side of Rhodes.
it is situated half way through Rhodes and Lindos and offers our visitors the opportunity to easily visit both these cosmopolitan sites as well as other destinations.
Kolimpia was founded by the Italians during their occupation to serve as farmers village and therefore is not a typical village of Rhodes.
Kolimpia is a quiet village with friendly inhabitants and mostly a tourist venue with many family and luxury hotels.
The village is the ideal place for family vacations and it is the most suitable place to enjoy the sun and sea at the cleanest and fully operational beaches.
Here, you will also have the opportunity to take a walk to the village's great market, to party through the morning hours in the coffee shops and bars but also to savour traditional local food at the taverns and restaurants.
Kolimpia also features a fish restaurant offering the best fish on the island!